Welcome To Hassell and Hughes Lumber

Hassell and Hughes is the largest home owned and operated industry in Wayne County, Tennessee, founded in 1929.  Over the years, the company has produced many wood products and currently produces quality hardwood flooring as its main product, specializing in Red Oak and White Oak. Hassell and Hughes is located in middle Tennessee deep in the heart of forest country.

The company maintains hardwood inventory of over  5,000,000 board feet, has a dry kiln capacity of 1,000,000 board feet and a 1,3000,000 board feet of predryer capacity to insure clean bright lumber.  As a NOFMA certified mill, the flooring plant began making solid unfinished strip flooring in 1999.

We do everything possible to ensure the highest quality product in grade and presentation of our product. We ship all over the United States, as well as overseas.

We have been producing quality products, which includes hardwood lumber and hardwood flooring, long enough to know how to do it right.